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Let's create a safer world.

Living in security is a wish for everyone. As citizens of this world, we can all contribute to make this world a safer place to live in. Today, with My Angel Guard, this can easily be achieved. All you need to do is to download the app, use it, and spread the word!


Download the FREE app now!


Use MAG for your loved ones’ safety.


Spread the word to create an amazing community.

Feel Safe, Feel Good

With My Angel Guard, you feel safe, you feel good. The app was designed by security experts to answer two of the most basic human needs: Safety and Community. Its intuitive design is optimized to be used in stressful conditions.


    Simple is better. Shake your smartphone to send instant alert without unlocking first or use the big SOS button to send specific alert.

  • Safe places

    Quickly locate the nearest Safe Places where you can find assistance in the area your are in.

  • Alert

    In case of emergency, send an alert to your network and, according to your settings, to the MAG community in your area. Subscribe to the Gold plan to get a 24/7 pro monitoring.

  • Medical File

    Create your medical file and carry it with you wherever you go.

  • Safety Timer

    Define a safety timer duration and optionally a safety check interval. If you don't validate you are safe at define time, an alert will be sent

  • Privacy vs Security

    We take your security very seriously, and your privacy again more. With MAG, you decide to share your location or not with your groups members. In any case, whatever you decide, if you send an alert, your location will be share in a way to bring you assistance. This even if you decide to not be visible for other on your daily routine.



A community

With My Angel Guard, you are a part of an extraordinary community of heroes ready to bring assistance to others. With My Angel Guard, you are never alone!

Be a hero's

Receive alerts from your loved ones and from MAG community member(s) in your area, and bring assistance in case of emergency.

Alerts management

Decide whom you will receive alert from. Go on your MAG App settings and manage the alerts in the Alerts Settings menu.

Create your assistance network and feel safer.

Pre Alert

A medical or an aggression risk?
Use e-grade to never be alone.


Send alert to the MAG community to get assistance.

Safe Places

Find the nearest safe places in case of emergency.

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