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4 Tips to Keep you Safe While Driving Late at Night

Gone are the days where each citizen works from 9-5 and then stays home for the rest of the evening. We are a bunch of travelers and we often travel at night. Today, we have 4 simple tips to keep you safe while driving at night: 1. Make sure your cell phone battery is charged: Before you…
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Be Car Safe in the Cold

In these cold winter months, it is wise to hope for the best, but plan for the worse. Here are some tips you may not have thought about, in case you are broken down in the freezing weather, that will help you be car safe in the cold. 1. Keep warm: This may sound obvious,…
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Protect Your Children From Frostbite

When temperatures dip below 5° F or -15° C, frostbite becomes a potential threat. Skin exposure, moisture, and wind increase the threat. Yet wintry weather draws children outdoors for fun and adventure. As children build snowmen and forts, sled, and make snow angels, keep these frostbite prevention tips in mind: 1. Teach the children to…
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