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General Spring Safety Tips That Will Keep Everyone Safe

It’s almost spring time again. This means that people will be out and about more tidying up their yards and enjoying outdoor activities. As with any activity, there come risks. Here are a few general spring safety tips for both the adults and kids in your life: 1. Water Safety: Extreme caution should be used around…
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What You Need to Know About Ransomware Attacks

In mid-February, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center became the center of national news when it was revealed that the Los Angeles hospital was forced to pay cyberhackers $17,000 to remove a computer virus that had infected the entire computer system. This type of attack, known as ransomware infiltrates the computer and encrypts and scrambles files, forcing…
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March is the American Red Cross Month

The American Red Cross has been helping people for more than 130 years, and March is a month designated for recognizing local everyday heroes who reach out and help others in times of need. There are many ways to contribute to the American Red Cross: by volunteering, making donations or financial contributions, or joining disaster…
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Tips on How to Stay Safe in Your Workplace

Here are some suggestions for safety in the workplace: 1. Education is key: Relevant education in all aspects of safety in the workplace is the key element in helping to minimize issues in the workplace. Employees must be instructed in safe operating procedures for all machinery and equipment they will use. Training should be relevant…
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