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Well done, Stephane!

Stephane Rogovsky, our partner in South Africa, introduced Secugo to the #AFUS2016 (African Forum for Urban Safety) yesterday! Well done, Stephane!
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National Picnic Month Food Safety Tips

July is National Picnic Month, and rightly so, it’s a time of year when we host and attend numerous cookouts, picnics, and outdoor parties. But that beautiful summer weather also creates an ideal environment for our food to become contaminated and make us sick. So keep yourself, your family, and your friends safe by following…
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Wisdom Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! Here's something we would like you all to think about today!
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12 Things You Should Do in Your 20s

Your 20s are your selfish years and it’s a decade where you immerse yourself in everything around you and the world out there. Ensure you are selfish with your time, look after yourself, pay attention to your mental health and love the people who are important to you. 1. Pay attention to your mental health.…
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