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‘Unique’ Israeli bandage: The more you bleed, the quicker it works

WoundClot can stop severe bleedings within minutes, while also enhancing the blood's natural process of clotting. A new Israeli-developed bandage aims to save lives in cases of severe bleedings, where conventional treatment procedures could fail to stop a deadly hemorrhage. According to Yuval Yaskil, owner and CEO of developers Core Scientific Creations (CSC), the bandage,…
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Important Safety Tips on Coast Guard Day

Every year on August 4th, we celebrate Coast Guard Day. This year, we'd like to give you some background on the Coast Guard and some safety tips to take with you when you're out on the water. History The Coast Guard has a history dating back to August 4th, 1790 when Alexander Hamilton signed them…
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Wedneday Wisdom

We only have one question for everyone: Have you fulfilled your purpose in life? Happy Wednesday!
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Romance Awareness Safety Tips for Everyone

Everybody needs somebody, or so the old song goes. However, in a world of online dating and digital romance, it's more important than ever before to make sure that even if you're losing your heart, you need to keep your head. If you're out there looking to find love, keep some of these romance awareness…
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