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Wisdom Wednesday: Serving

Wisdom Wednesday: Make your life worth living by serving and showing compassion and the will to help other people! Agree or disagree? Let us know!
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Vacationer Saves Life of Baby Floating Lifeless in a Stream (WATCH)

It’s every mother’s nightmare. Somehow a toddler had a mishap in the water and was next seen floating lifelessly down the stream. A Seattle mom of three, Darci Gillen Dawson, was vacationing in Montana with her family when she looked over her shoulder and saw the boy’s body, and took off running When she scooped…
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Advice of the Week: Living in the Heat

Advice of the Week: Slow down. Reduce, eliminate, or reschedule strenuous activities such as running, biking and lawn care work when it heats up. The best times for such activities are during early morning and late evening hours. Take cool baths or showers and use cool, wet towels. Source: National Weather Service
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Restaurant Owner Installs Fridge Outside to Feed the Homeless

A restaurant owner who put a fridge laden with uneaten food on the street outside her business to help the needy has said she felt compelled to act. “If I kept doing nothing then nothing would have happened,” she said. Minu Pauline, owner of the Pappadavada restaurant, in Kochi, southern India, was moved to combat both…
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