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Social Entrepreneur Launches Venture Benefiting A Village

British social entrepreneur Ben Keene launched TribeWanted with a mission to help uplift struggling communities by building an eco-tourism industry. According to Reuters, Keene’s endeavor brings together tourists and locals in a village in Sierra Leone to build a community with the common goal of bringing a new industry to a country recovering from civil…
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Advice of the Week: Handle and Prepare Food Safely

The holidays are a great opportunity to enjoy time with family and friends, celebrate life, to be grateful, and reflect on what’s important. They are also a time to appreciate the gift of health. Here are some holiday tips to support your efforts for health and safety this season. As you prepare holiday meals, keep…
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A Friend’s Cry for Help is Hard to See, IG’s New Feature can Help

It's a scary feeling to see a loved one's cry for help. Oftentimes, we're left feeling powerless and questioning if, or how, we should act. Many of us, unfortunately, know what that gut-wrenching moment feels like. Especially in the age of social media. You're scrolling through your feed — past the baby pics and food…
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On January 27, 2017, the International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The UN designated January 27 as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. This was the day, in 1945, that the Soviet army liberated Auschwitz, the infamous Nazi German death camp that has come to symbolize the demonic depths to which the Third Reich descended in the “industrialization” of genocide. In the Jewish tradition, we are commanded to…
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