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Ailing 89-year-old Moves in with ‘The Grandson She Never had’

They're an unlikely pair: a 31-year-old Hollywood actor and his 89-year-old neighbor. But Norma Cook and Chris Salvatore are inseparable. "She called me the grandson she never had," Salvatore said of Cook. And he considers her a grandmother, whom he describes as “friendly but sassy,” and with a stubborn streak. But recently Cook, who has…
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Advice of the Week: Always Be Active

Make this year's spring break memorable by having fun and helping yourself, your friends, and others stay safe and healthy. You've probably been sitting most of the year working at the computer, studying, or in class. During the break, take the opportunity to start a fitness program. Do a variety of fun activities like walking,…
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Low-tech Padlock Gets a Modern Update with the BenjiLock

Padlocks are one of the most primitive pieces of technology available — after all, they’ve been used to secure chain-link fences and more archaic enclosures since the onset of the Roman Era. This is the 21st century, however, and many of the devices we now hold most dear are the ones lined with Bluetooth, NFC, and…
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10 Safety Tips for Walking the Dog Day (Feb 22)

10 Dog Walking Safety Tips Today February 22 is Walking the Dog Day. Here are a few safety tips you must check out if you decide to walk your best friend today! Always walk on the left-hand side of the street, facing oncoming traffic. This is just basic pedestrian safety, but we could all use…
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