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Know What to Do If a Nuclear Bomb is Dropped on Your City

People who survive a nuclear blast may be exposed to radioactive ash and dust called fallout. Finding a good shelter as soon as possible and going inside is critical to surviving fallout. A scientist has come up with a strategy for when and whether to move to a better fallout shelter. President Trump has egged…
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5 Tips for Doctors to Manage Their Stress Better this Year

Being a practicing physician comes with immense responsibility. Life is not the same as it is for everyone else. The hours are grueling and work environment, highly stressful. A medical career means that you've invested your blood, sweat, tears and resources in a field that is challenging and constantly reinventing itself. It's a lifetime of…
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Architect Wants to Turn Old Subway Cars Into Housing for Homeless

Each car would yield a pair of small one-bedroom apartments. Now here’s a housing solution we can get on board with. When a famed Washington, D.C., architect learned of the city’s plan to scrap several fleets of old subway cars, he thought up a better use for the retired models. If Arthur Cotton Moore has his way,…
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Advice of the Week: Protect Your Eyes

Make this year's spring break memorable by having fun and helping yourself, your friends, and others stay safe and healthy. If you wear contact lenses, practice healthy wear and care tips, even when you’re on vacation. Carry a spare pair of glasses and contact lens supplies with you so you can take out your contacts…
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