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Boy Hailed A Local Hero After Rescuing Six-Year-Old Cousin

PHOTO: Leithan Till learnt his rescue techniques during school swimming lessons. (Supplied: Katrina Cherel) RELATED STORY: 'You just jump in and do it': Man tells of dramatic rescue of 14yo girl RELATED STORY: Bravery award for firefighter who saved drowning teens MAP: Fitzroy Crossing 6765 A nine-year-old boy from a remote Kimberley community could be in line for bravery honours…
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Why do People Die Shoveling Snow? Read On

Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, the Polar Vortex, SnOMG! There is no end to the terms for "really big snowstorm," and those terms came in handy, particularly during the 2014-'15 winter. Just check out snowfall totals in the Top 10 Snowiest Cities, according to Syracuse, NY – 117.1" Worchester, MA – 115.6" Buffalo, NY – 109.3" Boston, MA – 108.6" Erie, PA – 104" Rochester, NY –…
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How to Deal If Your Kids (or You!) Get Sick or Injured on Vacay

petereleven/ShutterstockFood poisoning. Baseball-sized blisters. A flu that spread like wildfire. A nonstop vomiting baby. A horribly painful ear infection. It seems like my generally healthy family loves to wait until we're halfway around the world (or, you know, on a blowout Disney vacation) before they decide to succumb to some nasty virus or bacteria—all of…
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Japanese Resto Lets People Who Can’t Afford to Eat Work For Food

Mirai Shokudo (translated as Future Eatery), a restaurant in the Jinbōchō district of Tokyo, Japan, accepts 50 minutes worth of labor as payment from customers who can’t afford to buy a decent meal. Mirai Shokudo is owned by former engineer Sekai Kobayashi, 33, who is the sole staff member of the restaurant, which seats 12…
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