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Airline Dumps 30 Tons of Fuel While on Air to Save Passenger’s Life

One pilot for the China Eastern Airlines decided to dump 30 tons of fuel in mid-air to enable the plane to land safely to save a passenger’s life. A 60-year-old unidentified woman complained of breathing difficulties while on board the plane from Shanghai, China, en route to New York Friday night. In a report by CGTN ,…
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10 Easy Ways to Stay Safe During Spring Break

Spring break is practically universal for “let loose and go wild.” But while you’ve earned your right to have a fun, relaxing, and exciting week off from school, it’s important not to ruin it by throwing all caution to the wind. Before you head out for your vacation with friends, arm yourself with these 10…
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Drones Used to Monitor Railroad Employee Safety

he last time we reported on the intersection of drones and railroad companies was when Indian Railways began implementing unmanned aerial vehicles at some of its most highly frequented hubs as a tool for crowd control and risk management. This time, it’s the U.S. company Union Pacific utilizing drones to its advantage, much to the chagrin…
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Changing the Lives of Nigeria’s Special Needs Community

The Abuja Hope House is literally bringing hope to Nigerians with special needs, opening the door for them to live a fully assimilated life. This is very good news not only for Nigeria’s special needs population, but for the local communities in general. Erasing Prejudice and Stigmas The mission of the Hope House is to…
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