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3 Dating Safety Tips to Make Your Valentine’s Day Safe

What better day to go on a first date than the day of love, Feb. 14? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, countless singles and couples are looking for big things. But at the same time, it’s important to care about your security during Valentine’s Day as much as you would on any other day. To make sure your day of love does not turn into a day of horror, here are 3 Valentine’s Day safety tips to make sure you enjoy the day.

1. Be careful on the first date: The first date comes with a rush of excitement, but stay on your guard as you meet your date for the first time. Especially if you met online, you want to be sure that they are actually who they claim. Meeting in public, choosing your own transportation, and letting your friends know about your plans beforehand can be helpful in both helping you rest better and feel safe.

2. Don’t overdo the candles: If you choose to spend an evening with your known love on Valentine’s Day, chances are candles will be involved. And while we don’t doubt the romantic power of candlelit dinners, be sure not to overdo it. More quickly than you expect, a candle can fall over and invite disaster. Candles are great - just place them in safe areas, and don’t burn too many to keep an eye on. Once you leave the room, blow them out.

3. Protect your home when away: Another popular option, especially when Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend as it does this year, is to go away for the weekend or the week. The problem: potential burglars know that too, making February 14 a popular day to break into homes. To be safe, be sure you have friends or family check in on your home, and don’t post about your vacation on social media until you’re back.

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful holiday - and it should be for everyone involved. By following the above three tips, you can make sure that you will make memories to remember, and for all the good reasons. In the event an accident takes place or a problem arises, use the Secugo app so the authorities and your loved ones will be notified of your situation.

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