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4 Tips to Keep you Safe While Driving Late at Night

Gone are the days where each citizen works from 9-5 and then stays home for the rest of the evening. We are a bunch of travelers and we often travel at night. Today, we have 4 simple tips to keep you safe while driving at night:

1. Make sure your cell phone battery is charged: Before you leave your starting point, check your phone’s battery status. If you have an emergency while on the way to your destination, and your phone is dead, you’ll have to get out of the car at night and ask for help, which isn’t safe.

2. Always tell someone where you’re going: If you’re driving, you’re probably at an age where you don’t like checking in. But to be safe, someone needs to know that you’re out at night. Tell someone when you’re leaving one place and when they should expect you to arrive at another. Text them and let them know when you arrive safely.

3. Don’t stop to help strangers: When people look really destitute, it can tug at your heart-strings. Unfortunately, criminals know this and will use it against you. The best thing you can do for a stranger, and yourself, at night, is to call the police or other emergency services that they might need. Some criminals have used children as decoys to lure people into their trap.

4. Stay awake: It’s not always an outsider that can pose a risk at night. You can be a danger to yourself if you’re driving while you’re tired. If all you need is some coffee or soda, fine. But if you really need some sleep, please try to take at least a 15m-inute power nap before driving anywhere.

It’s understandable that sometimes we can’t avoid driving at night, but when it’s necessary, we definitely need to use good judgment and stay safe. The Secugo app will help you notify your family, friends, and the authorities of your whereabouts and condition in the event you need help.

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