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Changing the Lives of Nigeria’s Special Needs Community

Erasing Prejudice and Stigmas

The mission of the Hope House is to provide a safe educational and social environment for youngsters with special needs. It envisions a world where discrimination and prejudice against special needs individuals do not exist. The Hope House brings love and patience to the task of equipping special needs children and adults with the education, training and self-confidence they require to become fully-integrated and contributing members of society, appreciated by all and shunned by none.

Filling a Void

The Hope House was born out of a substantial need for special-care facilities for children and teenagers with different levels of learning disabilities and developmental problems. It has a learning resource center and also provides lodging when needed. Due to the initiative’s ongoing growth and development, in recent years new challenges have arisen. The house’s boarding facilities required infrastructural improvements and expansion, and as the attendants were growing up, vocational solutions for youth and adults with special needs were also necessary.

Eyal Mesika and Chabad Partner with Hope House

Renovations and improvements demand funding. As with all NGOs, the incredible work of the Hope House would not be possible without the support of individual and corporate donors. Eyal Mesika, founder of EMI Systems Limited, a security firm working in Nigeria and Ghana, has invested considerable personal resources to help the Hope House answer these needs and achieve its mission and objectives. In coordination with Chabad House Nigeria, a Jewish community center for Israeli residents and tourists, Mesika has enabled the organization to improve its lodging facilities and open employment centers that provide experiential training, vocational guidance and actual work opportunities for Hope House graduates. This is a significant step towards healthy social assimilation and community awareness for the special needs population in Nigeria and it was made possible by this touching collaboration between people who may not share the same beliefs but share the same core values of inclusion and tolerance.

The Mesika Brothers Foundation

Mesika’s contribution to Nigerian society doesn’t end at the Hope House. He has also established the Mesika Brothers Foundation which is empowered by his Company, EMI Systems.

The foundation provides funding and services to two orphanages in Abuja – Rachel’s Home for Orphans and VulnerableChildren and Talitha Cumi.

It also supports empowerment programs for youth and young adults. Among these programs are Future Lab, an intense leadership seminar for young adults, and IT Structure, a technology oriented program for teens that provides free tech education during school hours and promotes entrepreneurship through experiential learning.

It’s always heartwarming to witness initiatives and projects like these that bring people and organizations together in order to support a society from within. By providing basic facilities, essential tools, and life lessons to different sectors of Nigerian Society these programs are strengthening Nigerian society and contributing to the safety, wellbeing and proliferation of its members.

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