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What is My Angel Guard?

My Angel Guard is a security network app running under iOS and Android. With My Angel Guard, you are a part of a worldwide community of helpers ready to assist each other in case of emergency.
Today, the app allows you to:
1.     Send alert messages to your family, friends, and the community
2.     Receive alert messages and help others in need
3.     Find nearest safe places in your area
4.     Call emergency rescue services wherever you are
5.     Localize your family, friends, collaborators, etc.
6.     Create groups (family, friends, sports, neighborhood, etc.)
7.     Create geofence places and receive notification when a member enters/leaves the place
8. Start a pre-alert to anticipate danger
9. Create your medical file and carry it wherever you go
Because your well-being is our main focus, we are developing many other functionalities which we will propose to you step-by-step.

Why do I need My Angel Guard?
What are the safe places?
How can I be sure the safe places have physical presence 24/7?
When should I use the safe places function?
Why would someone use this app in an emergency?
Why do I need to enter a personal 4 digit secret password?
How do I create a Group?
How do I delete a Group?
How do I invite a member to a group?
How do I remove a member from a group?
How many Family & Friends members can I invite?
How many Groups can I create?
How do I localize a member?
How many members can be in my Group?
I do not want to share my location. What do I have to do?
Does My Angel Guard work all over the world?
When does My Angel Guard not work?

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