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Four Burn Prevention Tips For You and Your Family

Here are four burn prevention tips that will help keep you and your family safe:

1. Liquid can burn, too: It is important to remember that although fire usually comes to mind when talking about burns, hot liquids will burn the skin just as badly. These kinds of burns are often linked to children. To help keep them safe, place hot drinks and soups in the middle of the table and out of the child’s reach. Don’t hold your baby and drink hot tea or coffee at the same time. Don’t leave the child unattended when there is any hot liquid within her reach. Never leave your child unattended in the bathtub where he or she could turn the hot water faucet on without your knowledge.

2. Kitchen appliance safety: When using appliances like an electric griddle or a deep fryer, always make sure the cords do not dangle over the edge of the counter. This prevents children, animals and the unsuspecting foot from pulling the appliance off the counter and spilling its very hot contents. Also, when using the stove always opt for the back burners and keep the pot handles turned away from the stove’s edge.

3. Adjust your hot water heater’s temperature: Check to make sure that the temperature of your water heater is not higher than 120 degrees. Anything hotter is not necessary and could lead to accidental water burns. When turning on the sink or shower, always turn the cold faucet on first and then add the hot.

4. Be cautious with candles: Never leave a child alone in a room with a burning candle. Place candles a foot away from anything that can burn, including curtains, bedding, clothing, trash cans and carpet.  Always extinguish candles before leaving the room.

If an accident takes place, immediately use the Secugo app to inform the authorities and your loved ones regarding your situation.

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