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How to Let Go of Your Fears and Give Your Child More Freedom

Not long ago, kids played outside and walked to school. Now, children are likelier to be found indoors playing on a computer or in a car being shuttled to an organized activity. Why are we so afraid to let them go? And how can we get that old sense of freedom back?

mom walking with child on leashPriscilla Gragg

I don't know how old my friends and I were when we started hanging out at the creek bordering the edge of our suburban town—9, maybe? We were young and scrappy enough to scamper down the desolate dirt ravine on our bottoms and hop over the occasional empty liquor bottle so we could get to the good stuff: squirmy newts, schools of minnows, the giant drainpipe we dared each other to enter but never did.

You know who doesn't show up in those memories? An adult.

That's what made adventures like these adventures. Unsupervised lemonade stands, the secret alleyways we explored between neighbors' garages, the thrill of deliberately getting lost on our bikes. We had so much fun back then, my friends and I recall. Then, inevitably, one of us drops the buzzkill question: Could you imagine letting our kids do any of that?

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