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Man Uses His Jeep to Save Two People Trapped by Burning Car

Ralph Giles is being hailed as a hero after his quick-thinking helped him to save two automobile passengers who were trapped by a burning car.

During the wee hours of a February morning in Addison Township, Michigan, a Ford Fiesta was hit head-on by a Ford Edge SUV that had drifted over the center line of the road.

Meanwhile, Ralph and Doris Giles were driving home from an event in their Jeep Wrangler when they spotted the collision. Doris dialed 911 while Ralph attempted to help the Fiesta passengers out of the car.

To his dismay, the doors would not open. Ralph then decided to move his Jeep out of the way of the road – but as he was doing this, a LeSabre that had been driving through the darkness collided with the Fiesta and pushed it into the Edge, causing the SUV’s engine to catch fire.

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Giles knew he had to act fast in order to save the people trapped in the Fiesta, so he hopped back into his Jeep, turned on the 4-wheel drive setting, and drove it into the SUV so he could push it away from the other two cars.

“I still have no idea where that [thought] came from,” Gilles told the Oxford Leader. “The only thing I can remember thinking [is] I’ve got a Jeep, it’s got a bumper on it, I think I can do this. All I could think about were the two people still inside the other car.”

“I figured the fire department would take a while to get there … at that time of day. I had to do something fast,” he continued.

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First responders eventually arrived on the scene and transported the Fiesta passengers to nearby hospitals. They also called Giles a hero for his quick actions – although, he disagrees.

“I am NOT a hero. I think most people would have tried to help somehow,” Ralph wrote on Instagram.“What ultimately turned out to be a 2-hour ordeal for us as we filled out police reports gave us a unique view of the whole process. It made us appreciate the true heroes; the first responders, firemen/women, EMS and police who deal with this stuff everyday day.”

(WATCH a clip of the crash scene below)

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