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What I like most about this app is its ability to make it easily possible for every user to report a medical emergency anytime and anywhere they are. This makes it easier for the rescuers to do their job fast and for the victim to get the immediate help he or she needs. Kudos to the whole team of Secugo!

Luiza Mendez,

There are a lot of security apps out there but the Secugo app stands out from the rest because of its unique Safe Places feature which is very useful to those who travel a lot like myself. With the use of the app, I will know immediately which safe areas I should go to whenever a danger arises while I am traveling.

Joe Richmond,

The Secugo app enables me to easily localize my kids wherever they are (at school or at their friend’s house) as well as create geofenced places for them - and with that I no longer worry about their safety whenever they are not with me. Thank you, Secugo, for providing parents like myself the tool to keep my kids always safe!

Amy Yap,